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Don’t Get Overcharged

Quick. How much money did you pay in operating expense passthroughs last year? After most companies sign a lease, it goes in a drawer somewhere for the next several years. In some cases, the lease or renewal was well-negotiated; a … Continue reading

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The Tenant Exclusive

To better encapsulate the purpose of this blog, I have changed the name to The Tenant Exclusive. Like with prior articles, the monthly focus of this journal will be to enable facility users to save money, mitigate leasing risk and … Continue reading

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Just Want to Renew? It’s Not That Easy.

Your landlord just left you a message—your lease is up soon.It’s the last thing on your mind. You don’t know what your business is going to look like over the next couple of years and the last thing you want … Continue reading

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Are You Being Overcharged?

Have you taken a close look at your rent invoice lately? Chances are, if you’re a year or more into your lease (or sublease), you’re being charged “passthroughs” or “additional rent” in addition to a “base rent,” which by itself … Continue reading

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